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What We Do

eNACSO monitors and analyses emerging trends in  the digital environment in order to  identify opportunities, concerns and priorities in relation to children’s rights and child protection online.

We carefully examine emerging online practice and tools as well as relevant policy and law and develop advocacy strategies, policy and action to address violations against children’s rights.

We engage with a broad range of actors including NGOs, Government, Industry, academia and other civil society groups, including those made up of young people themselves. Child participation is central to our research, policy development and advocacy. We also enjoy pro bono legal support.


EU Advocacy

The EU can play an important role in protecting the rights and interests of children online.  There are many opportunities for the EU to take firm action to protect and empower children, for example in the context of the EU digital agenda and EU Justice and Consumer Affairs.

eNACSO works to ensure that child protection and empowerment of children are high on the political agenda of the EU institutions and Member States. We contribute to EU policy and law by participating in consultations, developing policy statement, providing advice and engaging with key EU policy makers.

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