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Preventative “I take responsibility” online self-help material by Save the Children Finland, partner of eNACSO provides a new strategy to tackle and prevent child sexual abuse

November 11, 2015

It provides an innovative way to tackle and prevent child sexual abuse. The material is targeted for people who are worried about their sexual interest and/or online behavior regarding minors, but have not (yet) acted in illegal or harmful ways.

The material is based on English speaking online self-help material which has been adapted into Finnish context. The material can be used anonymously, is cost free, and the use is limited to neither time nor place.

The material focuses heavily on online behavior towards minors. It helps the risk group to become aware of their problematic thinking and behavior regarding children, and to choose alternative ways to meet their needs, which often related to the problematic behavior.

The material consists of different sections and guides the user through the issues such as “When to get worried?” (own behavior), “Online child sexual abuse and online grooming” and “Mental images and change”. The negative consequences of child sexual abuse on the child victim and on the perpetrator are strongly stressed in the material. The right of every child to grow and develop free from all forms of sexual abuse and violence is likewise highlighted.

Several national and international partners have contributed to the material providing important input on latest research in the field of child sexual abuse prevention and offender rehabilitation. Offenders sentenced for sexual offenses against children have been consulted during the design and development of the material, and their insights have had a significant role in the process.

The material was recently awarded the Finnish national crime prevention award 2015 and will represent Finland on the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) and Best Practice Conference (BPC) in Luxembourg in December.

For more information visit our partner’s website:

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