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Romanian children participated in workshop about online safety

July 18, 2012

European Summer School participants debated for seven days with Sigur.Info project team and experts the problems they face when browsing the Internet and possible solutions for avoiding and combat them.

From July 1st to 7th, Save the Children Romania, the national coordinator of the program , with the support of the European Commission support and INSAFE network, organized the third edition consecutive European Summer School dedicated to safety on the Internet. The event was attended by 36 children and young people from eight countries, aged 12-19 years involved in promoting online safety at national and European level. Countries represented were: Germany, Portugal, Latvia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovakia, Netherlands and Romania. Topics discussed by participants were: personal data on Internet security , computer and Internet addiction , the real dangers in the virtual world and the active involvement of youth in educational strategies.

To try to find solutions to these issues, Save the Children organized a workshop which aimed at consultation on their proposals to the authorities, IT industry, parents and children, in order to increase safe browsing on Internet.  As Priorities, we noted the following:

  • need for inclusion of lessons on Internet safety in the classroom and supporting information for parents in dedicated meetings.
  • investment of industry (providers of Internet, software producers) in the information campaign and social responsibility . Children participants suggested the introduction of a free virus associated with each operating system and Internet connection each package.
  • authorities should be open to modern information (websites, applications) on the dangers of the online world, but also on legal interventions are possible. Participants supported the authorities’ continued financial investments (such as Safer Internet).
  • existence of effective means of protection against spam
  • communication between parent and child about online activities
  • existence of means of greater protection for mobile Internet
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