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Numa Numa – e-zine for teenagers

February 18, 2012

Nobody’s Children Foundation in cooperation with Orange Foundation created a new educational tool – “Numa Numa” magazine – designed for teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17.

The name of the magazine refers to a viral video posted online as a joke, which unexpectedly acquired more than a billion views and remains one of the most popular videos in the history of the Internet and changed it’s author into celebrity. It illustrates the unpredictability of the web, its almost limitless possibilities and a huge – and still growing – number of users.

Numa Numa addresses issues related to online safety, new technologies and Internet phenomena, with emphasis on the positive aspects and uses of the Internet.

Each issue of the magazine will tackle different online safety issues and provide information and ideas for the effective and creative use of the www. The first issue of Numa Numa was printed in 42 000 copies and is available online at The first edition contains among others articles about the phenomena of Internet of things, various aspects of privacy, online games, educational projects for teenagers, interviews with young celebrities and a photostory about problems that young people may encounter on the Internet.

The idea is to invite to each edition a different partner, who could add something valuable to the magazine and also support the distribution process. The partners of the first edition are Microsoft and the Warsaw Educational Bureau. It is planned to be a quarterly magazine.

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