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ISPCC Childline and Vodafone Ireland Foundation Announce Major New Partnership

February 22, 2016

ISPCC Childline and the Vodafone Ireland Foundation are delighted to have just announced a major five year partnership that aims to keep children safe by keeping them connected.

The Partnership will:

  • provide the charity with €2 million in direct funding from the Vodafone Foundation over five years
  • provide a commitment to covering the call costs for the Childline service for ten years until 2026
  • update Childline’s technologies and service infrastructure to modernise and broaden out access to the service in line with the changing needs of children
  • offer additional resources including Vodafone’s Be Strong Online Programme, to support children and parents through some of the issues they face in today’s digital society

For more information on the ISPCC Childline and Vodaphone partnership please go to


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