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EU Super Kids Online

March 4, 2013

Four eNACSO members have developed new educational tools for kids
Protégeles from Spain, Nobody’s Children Foundation from Poland and Save the Children Denmark and Italy have since spring of 2011 worked together on a Daphne project: EU Super Kids Online. We are proud to present the educational tools which the partners have developed for each country.

Each partner country has developed two e-learning modules to help and guide children to be able to cope with the online dilemmas they encounter every day. All modules are based on true stories that the project partners have found through focus group interviews with kids aged 10 till 13.

The main pedagogical point that connects all eight modules is that there are no correct answers. In their everyday life, kids face dilemmas that are not easy to solve. One answer can feel right for one person and another answer for another person. The point is to make the kids discuss the options, maybe even create their own, and most important of all make them consider the consequences of their choices.


You can find the modules here:
Denmark:!/Sofies-dilemma.aspx and

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