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eNACSO members meeting 2012

June 25, 2012


23 eNACSO members and associate members participated in the eNACSO members meeting 30-31 May 2012 in Brussels.

The eNACSO members meeting is a biannual event where members get new information and updates on relevant issues, and it is also the forum where the network seeks to consolidate and strengthen the cooperation between the members.

On 30 May the eNACSO members had an opening meeting in the morning and highly welcomed new members and associate members. The meeting was followed by an afternoon launch of the Next Click.

The meeting on 31 May adressed the theme “Citizenship in a Digital Era”.  Mrs. Oliva Lind Haldorsson from Save the Children Brussels Office facilitated a workshop on the theme. In the afternoon eNACSO welcomed panelist Melina Violari from facebook and Marco Pancini from Google to speak about new technologies followed by a panel discussion.


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