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eNACSO and the CEO coalition to make internet a better place for children

April 19, 2012

eNACSO welcomes the initiative that Commissioner Neelie Kroes initiated in October 2011 when she called on a coalition of CEOs who  to discuss the following five points: 

  1. Children should be able to easily report abusive content, cyber-bullying or grooming using a “single-click” system;
  2. Second, children’s profiles on services like social networking sites should be set to privacy by default-or measures with equivalent effect;
  3. Third, Internet-connected devices should have parental controls installed also by default;
  4. Fourth, age-rating and content classification systems need expansion and improvement-including common standards and the possibility for user-driven ratings;
  5. And finally, we need to step up the fight against child sex abuse material.I find it appalling that it takes so much time to take down child sexual abuse content, when in other areas, for example related to copyright, content is taken down quickly.

Civil society has been invited to participate with their views on these points, and eNACSO has been actively participating in meetings held in February and March 2012 where both board members and network members have attended.

eNACSO will attend the final meeting on July 11 2012 and the network is looking forward to seeing the outcomes of this positive initiative.

Read Neelie Kroes’ speech at the Safer Internet Forum  here.

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