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Chair at European Voice meeting

October 5, 2012

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On September 19 eNACSO chair Kuno Sørensen attended the European Voice morning debate “Can we make the Internet a safer place for children”. Kuno Sørensen was on a panel with Robert Madelin, director-general, DG Connect, European Commission Sabine Verheyen MEP, member of the committee for education and culture, European Parliament, Mike Short, vice-president, Telefónica Europe.

europeanvioce_19sept_fotopanelThe event brought together high-level policymakers, representatives from industry and child protection campaign groups to discuss how best to tackle the challenges of making the internet a safer place for children. It discussed the work of the CEO Coalition and assessed what progress has been made. It was an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of a voluntary, industry-led approach compared to binding legislation.

eNACSO’s key point is that the way forward is to have industry and politicians cooperate in order to have legislation support the initiatives of the industry.

See interniew with Kuno Sørensen

Read more about the event here.

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