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III eNACSO Members Meeting – Budapest, 20-21 February 2014

January 6, 2016

The meeting was held in Budapest on February 20-21, 2014. The event involved 23 people: 18 representatives of members\associates NGOs; two experts; three staff and aimed at developing an agreed and shared advocacy action plan related to the Policy Paper on Business, Children and Internet prepared by eNACSO. The document was presented to the members with the intention to develop an effective advocacy strategy built on its recommendations.

Therefore, members had the opportunity to discuss their experience in advocacy, knew other European best practices and worked together through a participatory and capacity building process in order to plan a common advocacy strategy. The goals of the event were: i)share knowledge and relevant information on advocacy methods and techniques that could be applied to advocate for child safety online; ii)agree on a work plan to develop eNACSO policy paper recommendations that consists of: prioritized objectives, results to be achieved within the next year and activities that can be conducted to achieve them.


The first day of the meeting has been facilitated by Pablo Escorcia – InProgress a professional trainer, coach and facilitator with over ten years’ experience in the fields of leadership, team building, communication, change management, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, strategic planning and cultural transformation.

This facilitation followed a participatory approach that consisted of inviting participants to create a common understanding process aimed to build their capacity to effectively plan advocacy activities. The work was focused on the research evidence coming from the Policy Paper on Business, Children and Internet with the aim of influence decision makers.


The first panel hosted by John Carr, External Expert eNACSO and Barbara Lilliu, eNACSO Advocacy Advisor, offered an overview of the policy paper on Business, Children and Internet

After that Annie Mullins, an Independent Expert Children & Technology, addressed opportunities for working with the online industry for enhancing and promoting the protection of children.

Moreover, spaces in the agenda have been allocated to get updates about the Lanzarote Convention, EU Directive on Sexual Abuse as well as last development in UK context.


The second day of the meeting started with the UK last developments on Online Child Safety. John Brown – Head of Strategy and Development NSPCC – and John Carr – External Expert eNACSO

Tiziano Blasi, eNACSO’s Network Coordinator, presented the updates on the EU Directive on Combating Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children and on the Lanzarote Convention.

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