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You Decide – A teaching resource about privacy and digital responsability

October 24, 2015

You Decide is a teaching resource for privacy and digital responsibility for children and young adults aged between 9 and 18. The objective of the website is to increase awareness, reflection and knowledge about privacy and the choices young people make when using digital media
Digital responsibility is a core component of digital skills, and is concerned with making pupils responsible and safe internet users. Digital responsibility includes both good manners and ethical awareness, as well as the actual skills that pupils need in order to be able to safeguard their own and others’ privacy. By using You Decide, the teacher will have a good starting point from which to teach their pupils about privacy and digital responsibility.

You Decide consists of a web site,, which contains factual information, practical examples, discussion exercises and videos, as well as physical booklets and posters. It is split up into two parts, one for the age group 9-13 years and for young adults up to the age of 18. The videos are linked to themes and provide a good starting point for stimulating discussion and generating interest among the pupils. The themes addressed include privacy, cyberbullying, digital trail and what it means to be social online. The programme is available in Bokmål, Nynorsk, Sami and English. Booklets for the youngest age group are translated into Urdu, Somali and Arabic.index

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