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Children and young people benefit enormously from the communication and information potential of the internet.

However, especially as children are one of the fastest growing groups of internet users, there are many issues which need to be addressed relating both to content on the internet which can be damaging to children, and to the potential for harmful contact between abusers and children.

eNACSO provides a valuable pool of online child protection NGOs from different European countries. The network is able to share expertise and best practice on key policy areas related to child online safety in order to become more effective in promoting a child protection focus in relation to the Internet and new and emerging technologies.


24 April 2015
The Youth Manifesto publication, which outlines the ten key principles that European youth have iden...
16 March 2015
  You Decide is a teaching resource for privacy and digital responsibility for children and yo...
16 March 2015
  The eNACSO IV Kick Off Meeting held on 26-27 February 2015 in Rome. The main purpose of the...

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